Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Respica Te, Hominem Te Memento

Memento Mori

During a recent Heroic Botanica run T' was often upset that he didn't receive Blessing of Kings from Metacrow. "Why don't I get Kings?" he asked frequently.

Well we all know why but I thought I'd share something that occurred to me.

In Roman times generals returning home after winning significant victories on the field of battle were given a Triumph parade through the streets of the city. Huge affair, lots of cheering people. The general, or imperator, would ride through the city on a chariot with a slave standing behind him holding a gold wreath over his head. One popular anecdote arose out of this tradition: Apparently there was once a general who was so taken with himself that the slave was made to whisper into his ear certain phrases to remind him of his mortality.
"Look behind you, remember you are only a man."
"Remember that you are mortal."

For some reason I thought that Salvation might be T's mortality tapping on his shoulder.

Not sure why I'm sharing this, just thought it was amusing.

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RaiderLegend said...

Thanks for sharing. In the 1951 movie "Quo Vadis" is a scene showing a Roman military commander returning from war victorious. He's riding in his chariot with a slave standing behind him reminding him he is only a man and mortal. The commander continues to smile and wave to cheering Roman citizens along the parade route.